Terms And Conditions

  1. The customer agrees to pay the monthly fee via Standing order.
  2. Customer understands that any ‘late payments’ may be subject to additional charges.
  3. Isabella cleaning services will not be responsible for triggering any alarm systems. Customer should give any special instructions for deactivation/activation of any alarm systems.
  4. Any additional services please request with minimum 3 days in advance
  5. Isabella cleaning services is holds cleaner liability insurance
  6. We reserve the right to changes the staff because of sickness, holidays or others
  7. Minimum of 2 hours per cleaning applies
  8. Isabella cleaning services reserve the right to cancel services if monthly payments are missing
  9. If Isabella cleaning services needs to collect keys from a third party address outside the postal code off the premises where work is to be carried out then £5 charge may apply
  10. Client is advised that a move out cleaning may take double the length of time cleaning required for a general cleaning
  11. No charges like parking will be added to the services charge
  12. No cancellation fee will be added to the services charge when written monthly notice will be given.

Dry cleaning – Terms and conditions

  1. Free delivery schedule:
    6.30am-9.30am; 5.00pm-19.00pm
    Monday – Friday except Holidays;
  2. We deliver your clean cloths in two working days;
  3. Minimum £15 service charge apply per visit;
  4. All invoices must to be paid on delivery time or as otherwise directed by us and we reserve the right to retain your goods until your payment is in full received;
  5. Please check all of your garments for money, jewellery or other valuables prior to depositing them with us. If we find any valuables in your garments, we will make every effort to return them to you but we cannot be held liable for the loss of any such articles that are forwarded to us;
  6. To protect the Customer’s garments, Our Staff follows the “Care Label” instructions on each item we process. To the extent the Customer desires to not have the “Care Label” instructions followed, a Garment Release is required and the Customer assumes all liability for the garment.
    If a “Care Label” is missing or has been removed from a garment, Our Staff will process the garment in accordance with guidelines for that type of garment. We assumes no liability for garments that have missing or removed “Care Labels”.
    We cannot be responsible for weak, tender, defective or adulterated materials or such conditions that could not be determined prior to processing.
    In laundering, we cannot guarantee against colour loss and shrinkage or against damage to weak and tender fabrics. Responsibility is also disclaimed for trimming, buckles, beads, buttons, zippers, suede, leather or sequins.

Terms and Conditions